How to Sell


Sell School & University Textbooks Online

Signing up, listing and selling* on our platform is free.

You have the choice You only pay a minimal fee if your item is purchased and paid for via our website.

Signing up on our website to become a Seller is completely free. You can sign up by click on the SELL NOW button at the top. Fill in all information requested to become a Seller.

To list your product simply follow the on screen prompts. Add an image of the book you are selling, the ISBN number, author name, price and select the category.

When setting up your product, please select if you would like the buyer to purchase and pay for postage online or if they have the option to meet you privately to pay for the book and collect.


Click on the blue SELL NOW button at the top of the page. A page will load that looks like the below. Complete this form to register as a Seller on our website.

How To Sell-01

You will receive an email from us confirming that we will notify you once your application has been approved. Once we have approved your application you will receive another email from us.


In the confirmation email you get there is a URL that directs you to the login area. Alternatively you can click on this link to login

Your Dashboard will look like the below.

How To Sell-02

Here you can manage your profile, add products and edit your store settings.


Navigate to the Products menu in your Dashboard area. Click on Add Product. The Add New Product page will load (as per image below).

Point 1: Add the title of your book here.
Point 2: Choose the category your book falls under

How To Sell-03

Next you will need to enter your product details. Scroll down the Add New Product page until you reach the below section, Product Data.

Fill in the Sale Price (R)

How To Sell-04

Fill in the weight of your book. This is a very important section as if the books you are selling weigh a lot, the buyer will need to pay for the necessary shipping costs.

Please note the weights below and how they must be entered:
For 1.2kgs enter: 1.2
For 500g enter: 0.500
For 250g enter: 0.250
For 50g enter: 0.050
For 10kgs enter: 10

How To Sell-05

Point 1: Click the drop down and select Author Name then click the Add button. The author name information will appear. Type in the Author name under Value(s).

Repeat the above step again for the ISBN number.

Note that both the Author Name and ISBN number are compulsory fields and must be filled out.

How To Sell-06

After you have updated your Attributes information, click on the Save Attributes button.


On the right of the screen, you will see the Product Image box (as below). Click on the Set product image link.


How To Sell-07

Follow the onscreen instructions to upload an image.

Once the image is set, scroll to the top of the page and click the blue Publish button on the right.

How To Sell-08